Socjal Distancing

While dealing with Covid-19 and quarantine, Filippo Tamburi decided to design a collection around the theme and the rule of “Social Distancing” that is affecting the present of today’s society and has become part of every daily conversation. 

Socjal Club considers everything that is social and current to be a priority in the dialogue we are constantly having with our customer. Once again we have decided to use this situation to analyze and comment on today’s social media generation.

“Socjal Distancing” is an ironic collection with a critical purpose and based on contraposition.

First one being “Socjal” vs “Distancing”. The state of mind of today’s generation which doesn’t want to play by the rules. That is why the letters in the word “Socjal” are brought close together, to represent our union and mindset. 

On the other side, the word “Distancing” is spaced. Distancing is the rule, representing how things are supposed to be but often not what kids want to follow. Written in red to underline the importance of it and the danger that breaking the rule could cause.

Distancing imitates the Netflix logo. Why Netflix? Because that’s where our generation will spend most of quarantine. This brings us to the next contraposition featured on the back of t-shirts and crop tops. 

The phrase featured on the back is “Read a fucking book”, a quote from Superbad , a 2007 American coming-of-age teen comedy film. The quote was chosen as a joke to ironically criticize today’s social media generation who has no intention of reading a book but rather spend time on Instagram.

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ÉTÉ 2019

Socjal Club summer 2019 collection "ÉTÉ 2019" reflects influence from two different worlds and styles. From our usual streetwear perspective to a more classical and italian view of fashion. The collection features different pieces from oversized to taglio vivo t-shirts, bright colors swim shorts, a trucker cap and a fucsia hoodie. Topics of the collection are summer, influence from the video gaming industry and a tribute to Porto Cervo.

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Throughout human history new technologies of communication have always had a significant impact on culture but never like today. Nowadays, social media play a huge role in society and in our everyday life to a point where they almost define and represent our culture. The intermeshing of the virtual with the “real” dictates the reality of contemporary culture.

After having observed and interacted in the social media world and in particular on Instagram last year, Filippo Tamburi (Founder and Creative Director of Socjal Club) identified and selected the people who had the biggest influence and success among the youth, particularly in the fashion industry, but also in technology & innovation, probably the most relevant and exciting topic today.

Filippo decided to bring his idea to life by translating it into a piece of art. A picture to portrait and symbolize this last year of social media and fashion culture by putting together the 4 biggest and most relevant influencers in the field, next to each other as if they were in the same team, an ideal team to represent “Modern Culture”.

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